Take Note of the Quintessential Every Occasion Dresses

Ladies, you know when the celebrities are still rocking the look it is very much still happening. This is definitely true of the maxi dress, in fact it seems that the celebs just can’t get enough of these lengthy dresses, and neither can we. Of all the ladies dresses on the market right now, this is what we view to be the most versatile. Luckily, top designers agree that these garments are still where it is at, and continue to whip them up right and left.

If you have not yet taken this look to heart, well darlings, by all means hop on this bandwagon. These dresses work well in just about every setting you can conjure up, we are talking about anything from a quick impromptu pop round to the local pub, to an invitation only fundraising brunch. Or maybe you are more likely to hit the beaches of Spain’s lovely islands, and then find you have no time to completely change for a night on the town, the maxi can make that transition with very little effort.

For those not entirely sure how to style these flowy frocks, then take some pointers from fashionistas like Nicole Richie and Kate Moss. Both have been spotted more than once swishing about in these savory selections. Whether it be a free style print with lots of layers, or a strapless bohemian number they show nothing but love for the modern maxi.

If we have not mentioned any of the women who inspire your wardrobe purchases, then might we add Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer, and Micha Barton to the mix. All of them have embraced this all in one summer must have item. Some have paired theirs with Spartan like sandals, and others have taken things up a notch with a wedge or heel. So popular are these, they have been frequent flyers on wedding guests and fashion show attendees and are fit for almost any occasion.

Oh, and speaking of flights, we must not forget to mention how this is the best thing to come along for airplane travel since the Juicy Couture sweatsuit. Long enough to keep you warm when they start pumping the cold air through the cabin, but breezy and lightweight enough to stop you from sweating up a storm while waiting for your plane to arrive at the airport.

It is rare for us to be able to say that everybody is doing it, but in the case of the maxi dress, it is a true statement, everyone is wearing them. There is no reason to question why they have been so well received as they are the quintessential any occasion dresses. The absolute whole package if you will. And if the fashion gods are at all kind to us mere mortals, they will be around for a long, long time to come.

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